5 Day Pollen Report- moderate to high tree pollen

Feeling snuffly? Stuffy? The culprit could be Juniper. This common South Florida landscape plant is also an allergan for some people.

From:  http://www.south-florida-plant-guide.com/junipers.html

These are supremely simple-to-grow plants that don’t get too tall, spread wide, and are often used for low-maintenance groundcover plants.

Their silvery or blue-green color fades to more of a soft green as the plants mature, and they play an effective, understudy role in landscaping – often surrounding a focal point such as a showy palm or small flowering tree.

Builders landscape many new homes in Florida with these plants because of their hardy nature and ease of care.

The most common variety – ‘Parsonii’ – is sometimes called “Parsons Juniper.” This shrub can eventually grow about 2-1/2 feet tall. It’s foliage is somewhat prickly, making it a good plant under windows to deter burglars.

An even smaller variety that’s commonly grown is Blue Pacific – and a look-alike known as Dwarf Shore. These shrubs are softer to the touch than parsonii and stay about a foot tall.

At first glance, you may think this type of plant looks like an “up-North” shrub…but the texture, color and pattern of growth can lend a grassy, beachy look against a backdrop of tropicals.



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