Working with Allergy Shots


Once you have reached the highest dose, or maintenance shot, you will receive allergy injections every 2 to 4 weeks depending upon your symptom response. You will be re-evaluated by Dr. Windom 6 months after starting treatment and annually after that time. You should notice improvement in your symptoms by 18 months or shots will be discontinued. After obtaining good results over a period of 5 years, most patients are able to stop the injections with long-lasting benefit. Some patients require starting back on allergy injections. Changes in the allergy vaccine (stronger concentration) or injection schedule (more frequently than monthly) may be necessary to obtain the best results.

Allergic reactions may occur with allergy shots. Hay fever type symptoms, hives, flushing, light headedness, asthma and rarely, life threatening reactions may occur. If these occur appropriate medications to reverse the reaction can be administered to you in the office and the dose of your next injections and appropriate safeguards are followed. These safeguards include the requirements that shots be administered in a physician’s office and you adhere to the 20-30 minute waiting period in the office after your shot.

For more information: Allergy shots are highly effective, but they take time!