Plant Allergies

  • Ragweed

    April Plant Pollen Report: Welcome Ragweed!

    You probably barely survived the March Live Oak pollen implosion, and hopefully, by now it’s rained taking some of that pollen out of the air. In April, we welcome Ragweed, but not to worry, historically pollen counts for ragweed, grass and trees are on the low side. We recommend closing the windows, staying indoors when […]

  • Live Oak

    What's responsible for your spring misery? Live Oak.

    Live Oak allergy is the most troublesome pollen for spring allergy sufferers. The yellow-green oak pollen coats everything from your car to the sidewalk — and even the grass-heavy pollen can linger in the air for weeks depending on whether or not we receive any rain.   The oak tree pollen we get over those 2 […]

  • February Pollen Report

    February’s worst pollen offenders? Bald Cypress and Juniper. Counts are moderate right now. Alas, Jupiter is a common ground cover given it’s extremely resistant to heat and drought. Native to swampy conditions, the bald cypress is another “survivor,” also able to withstand dry, sunny weather and is hardy in USDA climate zones 5 through 10. The […]

  • 5 Day Pollen Report- moderate to high tree pollen

    Feeling snuffly? Stuffy? The culprit could be Juniper. This common South Florida landscape plant is also an allergan for some people. From: These are supremely simple-to-grow plants that don’t get too tall, spread wide, and are often used for low-maintenance groundcover plants. Their silvery or blue-green color fades to more of a soft green […]